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ATF Threatens to Prosecute Out-Of-Business Gun Dealers Who Comply with the Law

Internal ATF documents obtained by Gun Owners of America show that the agency, once again, is asserting powers not given it by Congress. This time, the agency appears to be gearing up to force out-of-business federal firearms licensees (“FFL”) to turn over their remaining firearms in inventory to other dealers — even though federal law explicitly allows former dealers to transfer these firearms … Read more …

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‘A Strong Second Amendment Leaning’: Pro-Gun Group Details Why They Think Amy Coney Barrett Would Defend Firearm Rights

The Gun Owners of America, a prominent Second Amendment group, said Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would be a loyal defender of the right to bear arms.  The group cited a 36-page, pro-gun dissent from Barrett in a case involving a non-violent felon seeking to restore his gun rights in Wisconsin. Barrett repeatedly invoked the intentions of the country’s … Read more …

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