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A bipartisan agenda for good stewards: eliminating waste, fraud, and boondoggles

The 2020 elections threw a wrench into the works of both parties. Republicans maintained power in state legislatures and in the U.S. Senate while losing the White House. Democrats did far worse than expected at all levels, including Joe Biden barely squeaking into the White House. Continue Reading…
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PA: Stop Election Fraud!

“There is so much evidence of shenanigans and fraud, and we can’t stand aside and just watch this unfold around us here. You know, it’s not about disenfranchising anybody; it’s making sure every legal vote counted and if there is extensive shenanigans out there, it’s up to the General Assembly to step in. So we have a fight in our … Read more …

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The Questions You Probably THINK You Know the Answer to — But Likely Don’t — About ICE Detention

What is ICE detention? What is it not? Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE — pronounced “ice,” like a cube) detention is civil detention. It is not intended to be punishment for a criminal conviction, though conditions are often as bad or worse than those you’d find in prison. It may be shocking to learn that the U.S. government detains tens of thousands of people each day in immigrant detention. ICE detention exists to ensure people who are currently going through immigration proceedings in the U.S. attend their court dates. An immigration judge can also determine a person’s release presents a “danger to…

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How to give thanks in 2020

Thanksgiving in 2020 seems to be an oxymoron. What good can we celebrate in the year that witnessed an ongoing global health pandemic, an artificial economic crisis, and the largest federal budget deficit in U.S. Continue Reading…
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Talking around the turkey: pre-political blessings

Talking politics around the turkey can turn November 26th from a joyful celebration to a daunting day. While the laughing family, gleaming silverware, or perfectly cooked turkey of Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want painting is our ideal, reality sometimes looks very different. Continue Reading…
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5 ways to talk about politics peacefully

This year, some families have little reason to give thanks, because political arguments have turned the holiday dinner table into a warzone. Friends, even relatives have cut ties with people who don’t share their political perspectives. Continue Reading…
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It’s Not Enough to Just Vote

Can GOA Count On You? GOA is on the ground in Georgia, and we need your help. As you may have heard, Georgia’s election runoffs will decide the balance of power in the US Senate. If gun owners lose these two Senate seats, anti-gun Leftists will eliminate the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, and pass Joe Biden’s radical gun control … Read more …

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AOC’s blacklist has no place in the workplace

Economists and ethicists agree: A worker should be evaluated by the job he does, not his political views. But the more politicized life becomes, the greater the chance a competent employee will lose his or her job because of his private political views. Continue Reading…
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COVID-19 and false narratives of human powerlessness

Victimhood is central to popular analyses of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the scramble for victimhood was central to our political discourse prior to 2020, government bailouts have exacerbated this narrative. Continue Reading…
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Can Liberals Win in a Conservative Court?

This piece originally ran in The New York Review of Books.President Trump is on his way out the door, even if he goes kicking and screaming. The Biden-Harris administration will have its hands full picking up the pieces. Trump has left the federal government a kind of environmental disaster area, desperately in need of a massive cleanup. No president in US history has done more to degrade the presidency, constitutional norms, or American politics. The good news is that Trump did most of his damage unilaterally, through executive action, and therefore Biden can unilaterally reverse those actions. On one matter, however, changing…

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NH – Post Election Update….

As you may have heard, on November 3, the Republican party won control of both houses of the New Hampshire General Court. We are cautiously optimistic that some of our policy priorities will be enacted. However, we must remain vigilant because anti-gun radical Democrats will not back down — and history has taught us that a republican majority does not … Read more …

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Pandemic or not, America has the best healthcare in the world

When President Donald Trump fell ill with COVID-19, there was absolutely no contemplation of moving America’s head of state to another country to receive healthcare services. This might be surprising, considering the oft-quoted World Health Organization ranking of our healthcare system at 37th globally. Continue Reading…
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