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We Are Not Okay

We, your Black friends, family, and colleagues, are not okay. A Black woman, asleep in her bed, was murdered in cold blood and the system didn’t just find her killers innocent — they found their crime, the crime of ending the life of a Black woman, unworthy of even being charged.We work alongside you at the American Civil Liberties Union, fighting for a country that’s never loved us and forced to fight within a system built to harm and kill us. A legal system that says explicitly that Black lives do not matter. A system that calls for more accountability for…

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CBP Wants to Destroy Records of Misconduct. We Can’t Let Them.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency, operates with routine impunity. Now, the agency has asked the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which maintains federal agency records, to approve destruction of internal CBP records of misconduct.  An agency rife with abuse should not be allowed to purge its own paper trail of wrongdoing. That’s why this week, the ACLU of Texas Border Rights Center, along with more than 100 partner organizations, filed a public comment urging NARA to reject CBP’s proposal. The principal reason: CBP’s own oversight system is a disaster, and future study of the…

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The worst moment of the first presidential debate in 2020

The first presidential debate of 2020 reached an historic low in its the very first segment – not from Joe Biden calling the president a “clown” or telling him to “shut up,” nor from Donald Trump choosing to imitate Biden’s interruption-laden 2012 vice presidential debate performance on steroids. Continue Reading…
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GOA Challenges ATF Reversal of NICS Exemption in Michigan

September 30, 2020 For immediate release GOA Challenges ATF Reversal of NICS Exemption in Michigan Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) is suing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for reversing itself in a way that diminishes the gun rights of Michiganders. As a result of a letter issued on March 3rd, 2020, the Bureau … Read more …

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GOA Endorses Dan Rodimer

Help a True Supporter of the Second Amendment Win in November Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Dan Rodimer for Congress in Nevada’s Third Congressional District. Dan Rodimer is not a career politician. He is just the kind of principled, pro-Second Amendment leader we need in Washington. Dan earned GOA’s support because he opposes any new gun control … Read more …

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Bishop: ‘Undue burdens’ not required to fight COVID-19

Much of our national debate around the COVID-19 pandemic and the appropriate government response to it has been framed as opposition between those who say they follow “science” and those who do not. Continue Reading…
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Punished for Reporting Sexual Harassment: How One Law School Almost Got a Student Survivor Banned From the Bar

George Washington University law student Dorea K. Batté saw the texts, missed calls, and voicemails pour into her phone by the hundreds. When she blocked the number they were coming from, her stalker found a way to use different numbers to contact her. She kept blocking the numbers; he kept reaching her using new ones. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed and after warning her stalker twice to stop contacting her — to no avail — Batté finally went to her law school’s Title IX office to get help. As a reminder, Title IX is the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination —…

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Immigration Detention and Coerced Sterilization: History Tragically Repeats Itself

The recent news of a whistleblower’s allegations that a for-profit ICE detention center forced sterilization procedures on immigrant women shocked many people and drew comparisons to Nazi sterilization campaigns. The ICE detention story reflects a long pattern in the United States of the coerced sterilization of marginalized populations, particularly of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous peoples. In fact, the Nazi’s borrowed ideas for their sterilization regimen from eugenic sterilization laws adopted in the U.S. in the early 20th century.Over the course of this long history, both public and private actors in the U.S. targeted the poor, the disabled, immigrants, and racial minorities…

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Wi-Fi is Another Way We Can Be Tracked 24/7.

Wireless internet has become essential to modern life, enabling us to use our smartphones, tablets, and laptops as we move about in the world. Easy internet connectivity that comes from having Wi-Fi access points spread through office buildings, transit systems, parks, businesses, college campuses, and city streets is a public good. But Wi-Fi networks also collect information about when and where our devices connect to them, information that can precisely reveal our locations and movements. This is revealing data that shouldn’t carelessly end up in the hands of police. That is why today, the ACLU, along with the ACLU of Pennsylvania and…

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Everything you need to know about Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett’s record of judicial rulings and legal writings shows that she holds an originalist view of the Constitution, and it provides a glimpse into her opinions on such diverse issues as religious liberty, national healthcare, environmental regulations, the right to life, and the Second Amendment. Continue Reading…
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Anti-Gunners Make the Case Why Amy Coney Barrett Should be Confirmed to SCOTUS

September 28, 2020 For immediate release Anti-Gunners Make the Case Why Amy Coney Barrett Should be Confirmed to SCOTUS Springfield, VA – The Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun groups Moms Demand Action and Everytown unwittingly made the argument why Amy Coney Barrett should be the next Supreme Court Justice. An Everytown report on Barrett’s dissent in Kanter v Barr states: Among the … Read more …

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True Justice for Breonna Taylor Won’t Come From Criminal Charges Alone

This OpEd was first published in Slate.Americans have just completed another round of one of our grimmest national rituals: shaking our heads while cops who killed an unarmed Black person get away with murder. This time the victim is Breonna Taylor, whose name has galvanized nationwide protests for racial justice, but whose family will receive no justice themselves. Yesterday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced a single charge from the grand jury against only one of the three officers involved in her shooting, and even that was for shooting a wall, not Breonna Taylor. The other two will walk. And a community that has already…

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