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Gov. Sununu Stands Strong and Vetoes Gun Confiscation!

We have sent several alerts on HB 687 — the no-Due Process gun confiscation bill. And I’m happy to report that yesterday, August 7, Governor Sununu stood strong and protected Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights by vetoing HB 687. Through the entire legislative process, GOA has urged the defeat of this ill-advised bill. HB 687 was a hyper-partisan bill that … Read more …

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Amendment 4 is Back in Court as Florida Fights Our Victory Over its Modern-Day Poll Tax

Betty Riddle, a grandmother and university graduate, stood in line to vote for the first time in her life in Florida’s 2020 presidential primary. Marq Mitchell, a peer support specialist and advocate, also proudly voted for his first time in March. Jeff Gruver, a local activist for people experiencing homelessness, is yet another of our clients who cast his vote and finally had a say in our democracy earlier this year.  It is on their behalf, and on behalf of all returning citizens’ behalf across Florida, that we return to court this month to fight for their access to the…

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Attorney General Barr Should Stand for Self-Defense, Investigate Rogue St. Louis Prosecutor

August 7, 2020 For immediate release Attorney General Barr Should Stand for Self-Defense, Investigate Rogue St. Louis Prosecutor Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) is supporting Congressional efforts for a federal investigation into the rogue St. Louis Circuit Attorney for abuse of power and for disregarding Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s Second Amendment-protected right of self-defense. Representative Jodey Arrington … Read more …

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Reviving Native American economies through dignity, property, and personhood

“Let me be a free man – free to travel, free to stop, free to work, free to trade where I choose, free to choose my own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers, free to talk, think and act for myself – and I will obey every law or submit to the penalty.” Continue Reading…
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Population bust fueled COVID-19 spread: Study

The onslaught of the coronavirus global pandemic suspended the normal working of the economy, but it proved two less-noted truths: The family affects everything, including the economy; and a rising population saves lives. Continue Reading…
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GOA’s Response to New York’s Suit Against the NRA

August 6, 2020 For immediate release GOA’s Response to New York’s Suit Against the NRA Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) Senior Vice President Erich Pratt released the following statement after New York Attorney General Letitia James’ legal challenge to the National Rifle Association. Gun Owners of America is not going to comment on the merits of this … Read more …

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Tracking Apps are Unlikely to Help Stop COVID-19

Proposals to use the tracking capabilities of our cell phones to help fight COVID-19 have probably received more attention than any other technology issue during the pandemic. Here at the ACLU, we have been skeptical of schemes to use apps for contact tracing or exposure warnings from the beginning, but it is clearer than ever that such tools are unlikely to work, and that the debate over such tracking is largely a sideshow to the principal coronavirus health needs.  We have said from the outset that location-based contact tracing was untenable, but that the concept of “proximity tracking” — in…

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Retired Federal Probation Officer: Stop Sending People to COVID-Filled Prisons Unnecessarily

In early April, the Rikers Island jail complex in New York City suffered its first coronavirus death: Michael Tyson. Mr. Tyson, 53, had been arrested in late February not because he had committed a crime, but for a technical violation of his parole. As a retired federal probation officer, I can tell you that incarcerating someone for a technical rule violation should be a last resort. But during a pandemic, it should be ceased completely. Our federal, state, and local probation and parole systems should act immediately to protect public health and safety and choose alternatives to unnecessary incarceration. For 22 years…

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Acton Line podcast: Critiquing the 1619 Project with Phil Magness

Since debuting in the New York Times Magazine on August 14, 2019, the 1619 Project has ignited a debate about American history, the founding of the country and the legacy emanating from the nation’s history with chattel slavery. Continue Reading…
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Clemency, Redemption, and Justice: A Personal Story

In 1998, at the age of 21, I was sentenced to life without parole plus 320 years for drug-related offenses that were committed mostly in my teens. In 1998, 16 years into my sentence, I received clemency from President Obama after writing a letter to him asking for forgiveness, asking for mercy, asking for understanding that I wasn’t a bad kid, just a kid who made a bad decision. That I wasn’t that person who roamed those streets long ago or the same person who stood in front of the judge and received a life sentence, and as a result I…

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From Punishment to Promise: The Power of Redemption

My view of the American system of justice is clear — it is overly punitive and in need of correction. My opinion is anything but armchair analysis. I came to this conclusion through my time as a prosecutor — most notably in the case of Cyntoia Brown. Cyntoia was sentenced to more than five decades in prison at the age of 16 for killing a man who she believed was drawing a gun to shoot her. At the time of her sentencing, I believed this punishment was just — but upon reflection, I later advocated for her application for clemency, which…

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In Pompeo’s New Hierarchy of Rights, Religion and Property, Not Humans, Are at the Top

The Trump administration is advocating for a new hierarchy of rights that would elevate religion and property over basic human rights. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is leading this dangerous endeavor through his Commission on Unalienable Rights, which published a 60-page draft report and initiated a two week public comment period following the proposal. Sec. Pompeo then delivered a preposterous speech to support the ideological initiative. The commission and its glossy report are designed to lend a veneer of legitimacy to an endeavor that is both dangerous and a waste of taxpayer money — at a time when the government should…

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