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Do Most Countries Elect Their Government Leader by Majority Rule?

  Prime Minister Scheer?   Co-blogger Scott Sumner, over at his own blog, themoneyillusion, writes: Other countries generally elect their president by majority vote (although a few “ceremonial” presidents are picked by an EC, as in India). He might be correct if he literally means “president.” But Scott seems to be comparing the United States […]
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EFF Files Amicus Brief Arguing That Law Enforcement Access to Wi-Fi Derived Location Data Violates the Fourth Amendment

With increasing frequency, law enforcement is using unconstitutional digital dragnet searches to attempt to identify unknown suspects in criminal cases. In Commonwealth v. Dunkins, currently pending before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, EFF and the ACLU are challenging a new type of dragnet: law enforcement’s use of WiFi data to retrospectively track individuals’ precise physical location.
Phones, computers, and tablets connect to WiFi networks—and in turn, the Internet—through a physical access point. Since a single access point can only service a limited number of devices within a certain range, WiFi networks that have many users and cover larger geographic areas have multiple stationary…

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Was Rothbard a Populist?

Why did Murray Rothbard embrace populism and why did he think it could work to limit the power of the state? In short, Rothbard believed that a small elite had seized the power of the state to fleece and oppress the majority. Rothbard was in part basing his ideas on the historical narrative of the Democratic populists of the nineteenth century who formed the party of sound money, low taxes, and decentralized power. This laissez-faire party also managed to win a lot of elections.
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‘For Love of Neighbor’: the documentary that explores authentic Christian political witness

In the heat of each political season, we are bombarded by arguments about which candidate is the moral choice and which political platform is most compatible with Christian values and beliefs. Continue Reading…
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Why Is the Media Ignoring the Explosive Biden Scandal(s)?

With the exception of a few in the mainstream media – such as Tucker Carlson – there has been a total blackout on what appear to be a credible and very damning tidal wave of information on corrupt Biden business deals. Last night Tucker Carlson interviewed one individual in the center of the scandals with … Continue reading “Why Is the Media Ignoring the Explosive Biden Scandal(s)?”
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Veteran Suicide: Another Cost of Foreign Interventionism

A few days ago., the Cincinnati Enquirer carried an article that detailed one of the tragic costs — veteran suicides — of the U.S. government’s interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The story revolved around three veterans who recently took their own lives after suffering for years with war-related loss of limbs and brain injuries.
While leading a Marine unit in Afghanistan ten years ago, Rory Hamill stepped on a land mine, which severed his right leg Continue Reading
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The World Economic Forum is Rapidly Becoming the Most Dangerous Elite “Social Justice” Organization in the World

The World Economic Forum is best known for its annual event in Davos, Switzerland where the powerful elite in the worlds of government and business meet to plot to move the world in a direction that will benefit them in the short-term and take freedom away from everyone else.It has always been a despicable organization but now it appears to be taking the lead as the premier elitist organization …

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Some Covid Links

(Don Boudreaux) TweetJeffrey Tucker rightly bemoans the new feudalism that is among the results of the deranged overreaction to Covid-19. A slice: The politicians and intellectuals who put this new feudalism in place tossed out all normal concerns over freedom, justice, equality, democracy, and universal dignity in favor of the creation of a strict caste system. So […] …

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Is Getting Trump Worth It?

President Donald Trump is not the first president to be hated by a large segment of the American population. In more recent times, there was considerable hate for President Ronald Reagan. Even though the Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill and Reagan were polar opposites in their politics, they could be friends. Once, when Reagan confronted O’Neill about nasty things that he said about him in a newspaper, O’Neill replied, “That’s just politics, after 6 o’clock we’re buddies — we’re friends.” Politics today has become something not seen in our history. The true tragedy is that many Americans have … Continue reading →
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